Submission Deadline Approaches for Research Grants

Dec. 10, 2015

ASRT Foundation-supported research projects are changing the face of the radiologic sciences profession.

Twice a year, the ASRT Foundation offers grants of up to $10,000 to help finance this research. The first step to earning a spring grant is the submission of your letter of intent by January 25.

Your letter of intent states the research question, specifies a time frame and budget, and briefly outlines the methodology you have developed to gather data regarding your research question.

This letter helps the ASRT Foundation’s Research and Grants Advisory Panel (RGAP) to better understand your proposed research. This panel is largely composed of professional researchers because they understand what is necessary to complete a research project. This initial step helps them examine the relevance of the research project to the Foundation’s mission and assesses the strengths of the project’s objectives and methodologies.

The letter of intent also leads to feedback from other researchers on how the project might be improved or refined to better meet a specific need in the field or to make it more relevant to the Foundation’s research agenda before a formal proposal is submitted.

Because of generous donors, over the past 30 years we have been able to support more than three dozen technologist-initiated research projects, all of which have had a direct impact on patient care and have shaped the profession into what it is today. It’s exciting to think that the research that ASRT Foundation grants are underwriting will help shape how medical imaging and radiation therapy are performed in the future. Together, we are making a difference and propelling the radiologic sciences into the future.

If you are unfamiliar with developing a research project, there are several tips and suggestions on our website to help you to prepare your proposal. We also offer an online module that will walk you through how to develop the content necessary for your proposal, including the letter of intent. Visit the research grants page on our website for more information.