Scholarship Makes Career Change Possible

Theresa Talley
Nov. 12, 2015

Theresa TalleyI discovered the importance of medical imaging as a diagnostic tool after my husband seriously injured his leg. It was during the leg reconstruction and recovery period that I saw how critical this work was to helping his injuries heal correctly.

We were reviewing a magnetic resonance image with his orthopedic surgeon when I had an awakening. My background is in imaging for the semiconductor and mapping industry, but that day I realized I wanted to go into a field that was more meaningful, and for me medical imaging was it.

Shortly afterward, I met with a local community college counselor and began the preparatory work necessary to get into the school’s radiologic sciences program.

Returning to school has been difficult, both in terms of finances and giving up time with my family. Although it’s hard to be away from my family, I’m showing my kids that hard work and dedication pay off at any age. When I graduate next spring, I will become the first woman in my family to have earned a college degree.

I’m deeply grateful to be a recipient of the Royce Osborn Minority Student Scholarship. This past summer I reached the lifetime credit maximum to be eligible for a Pell Grant, and this scholarship helped pay for my summer and fall school expenses. I would have had to give up valuable study time in order to work more without this scholarship.

I want to thank the ASRT Foundation donors who make scholarships like this possible. Receiving a scholarship based on merit acknowledges my hard work and determination and motivates me to strive to be better. You are investing in my future as well as in the future of the profession.

It’s your support that allows future technologists to focus on their education and become higher-quality R.T.s., which helps them enter the workforce ready to provide the best patient care possible. As a Foundation donor, you are changing the lives of others in the profession as well as their patients. You are truly a blessing to the R.T. community.