Pulakos CPAs Honoring the Past, Investing in the Future

Apr. 11, 2017

Pulakos CPAs As strong advocates for the communities in which they work, the team at Pulakos CPAs is always looking for opportunities to give back and make a difference. The ASRT Foundation’s Celebration Campaign provided a platform for Pulakos CPAs to publicly support the R.T. community that they have championed behind the scenes for years.

The team at Pulakos CPAs has worked with the ASRT for over a decade. “We have a wealth of expertise and are relied on by commercial entities throughout the world to help them with their third-party audit and business consulting needs, including federal, state and international tax compliance and planning,” said Pulakos CPAs President Brad Steward, CPA.

“Nonprofit is a tax status, not a business strategy. All of the tax-exempt entities we invest our time and talent with are actively working to raise money and reinvest in the future of the organization and the people they serve,” said Brad. “The management team at the ASRT and ASRT Foundation exemplifies these behaviors and has the broadest geographic membership of the member-based organizations we work with,” he said. “ASRT, one of the largest member organizations in our country, performs a valuable function for radiologic technologists: It advocates for the profession and offers educational opportunities to radiological technologists improving patient care,” he said.

Brad and his team believe the ASRT Foundation Board is the best group to decide how to use the funds. “We are honored to have a room just outside the ASRT Museum and Archives that bears our name in recognition of this gift,” he said.