Plan for the Future

ASRT Director of Professional Development Ellen B. Lipman, M.S., R.T.(R)(MR), CAE
Aug. 20, 2015

Ellen LipmanIt’s almost impossible to plan for the future without thinking about your past.

My husband Andrew and I both live a life of service. I got into the profession because I wanted to help others, and my husband has worked in nonprofit fundraising and community building his entire career. Neither of us anticipated the wonderful gifts and incredible community we would find in just wanting to help others.

I worked in the radiologic sciences for 18 years before joining the ASRT staff in 1995, and I’ve been an ASRT member for almost 25 years. Shortly after joining ASRT, I began supporting the ASRT Foundation. Since then I’ve watched the Foundation mature as a passionate and dedicated organization. It has continued to develop and offer new opportunities for R.T.s and students to grow personally and professionally.

I’ve seen firsthand how important donor support is to organizations like the Foundation. The programs offered through the Foundation are only possible because of the financial support of people in our profession. It’s because of this knowledge that Andrew and I decided to include a planned gift to the Foundation in our will. We’ve been fortunate, and this is another way we can continue our life of service even after we’re gone. Knowing that we were able to provide an R.T. with a scholarship, fund a research grant or support medical efforts in another country is a pretty remarkable legacy.