Learning From the Passion and Dedication of Others

Taek Oh
Aug. 18, 2015

Taek_Oh_450Without a doubt, 2015 has been one of the most exciting years of my life. From scholarships to traveling to New Mexico for the Annual Governance and House of Delegates meeting, this year has given me so many memories.

First, I want to thank the ASRT Foundation for awarding me the Elekta Radiation Therapy Scholarship. I can’t thank Elekta enough for funding this scholarship and I am honored to be one of the recipients. I am now able to focus more on my studies, as this scholarship will cover most of my tuition at Virginia Commonwealth University. After I graduate in 2017, I hope to give back to the community to help future students, just as others’ giving has helped me.

Also, I want to thank ASRT for creating a Student Leadership Developmental Program that offers students like me a chance to learn more about the organization. This program helped me grow in many ways, such as learning how to work with professionals in different fields to make sure patients are receiving the best care possible.

Learning how the ASRT governance process works was a unique and interesting experience. I had no idea how intricate the system was or how many steps were required to change or add something to the bylaws. It was great getting to attend the program with other passionate students and gaining new perspectives on the profession.

It also was inspiring to meet so many passionate and dedicated professionals at the conference. Having Mary Loritsch as my mentor throughout the conference was extremely beneficial; through her I was able to meet many of those professionals including current ASRT President Sandra Hayden. It was so motivating to meet and talk with those who have dedicated more than 25 years of their lives to the organization and learn about their contributions to the radiologic sciences.

As a junior in the radiation therapy program, this was a great experience to have early in my degree program, and I hope to continue my involvement with ASRT. Thank you so much to the ASRT and the ASRT Foundation for this amazing year. I feel truly honored to be a part of such a great professional community.