Inspiring by Example

Jufauri Ely, M.B.A., R.T.(R)
Jul. 9, 2015

Jufauri ElyMy mother always told me that time passes no matter what you do, so make it worthwhile.

As a minority student growing up in communities that didn’t have strong educational programs, I had a difficult time imagining I could achieve everything I have accomplished so far in my career. When I would encounter issues with school finances or being the only minority student in a class or clinical setting, it was a challenge not to feel discouraged. With the help of great mentors, however, I have been able to advance in my education and in my career. My journey has not been easy, but it has been worth it.

Growing up, I watched members of my family struggle with health issues most of their lives, and I wanted to do something that made them proud. Watching them go through treatments for diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and cancer awakened my passion for patient-centered care.

Today, I serve as the radiologic technology program director for Baker College of Clinton Township in Clinton Township, Michigan, and I strive to inspire my students to treat patients with deep empathy and compassion. I focus on the importance of the "as low as reasonably achievable" (ALARA) principle and dose reduction, and it gives me great pleasure to see students grow to love imaging the human body.

I plan to go into executive management, which requires that I complete a doctoral program. I am pursuing my doctorate not only for myself but for those children facing challenges similar to the ones I faced at their age. I want to be that role model they look up to and see that no matter their circumstances, there are always opportunities for something better. I want to be someone that they can look at and think, If he can do it, so can I.

I have always encouraged my students to apply for the ASRT Foundation scholarships, but I never imagined I would receive one. Nevertheless, I applied, and I was awarded a 2015 Philip W. Ballinger Endowed Scholarship. After hearing the news, my wife was as excited as I was about securing more of the funding needed for my education.

Now I can focus on my education and career path, which includes working to reach people in communities that do not have strong school districts to help them overcome disadvantages beyond their control. A major part of this goal includes my ultimate dream of creating my own scholarship so I can help more students.

I used to think my mother's statement about making time worthwhile was about me, but I have come to realize it is about what you do in service to others. I hope that through my work I am able to help others create a brighter future for themselves and the profession and to share the importance of getting involved in our community.

This article was originally published in ASRT Scanner, Vol. 47, No. 5, Page 23. Jufauri Ely, the article's author, is a recipient of a 2015-2016 ASRT Foundation scholarship award.