Gift Honors the Driving Force Behind Gage Continuing Education

Jan. 19, 2017

Phillip GageA shared vision of patient safety and research and ties to education led Sue Gage and her husband, Phillip, to start a continuing education company in 1991 in Odessa, Florida. That same vision led Sue to give a gift to the ASRT Foundation, sponsoring the front entrance of ASRT’s main office in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in honor of Phillip and their work and life together.

The Gage company began with courses on AIDS education for health care professionals, with Sue calling her husband “the driving force behind the business.” Gage’s offerings have evolved from home studies offered in the early 1990s to a full course catalog of lectures and online education covering everything from anatomy and physiology to state-specific offerings. Its educational staff has more than 35 years of experience in hospital practice, critical care, mammography and breast cancer research, epidemiology, and continuing education program planning.

Sue and Phillip both were registered nurses, and Sue has a master’s degree in public health and a history of clinical research in radiology. Sue managed clinical studies involving mammography, radiation therapy, lymphoscintigraphy and different aspects of quality in the radiologic sciences. Phillip was part of an open heart recovery team consisting of radiologic technologists, respiratory therapists and R.N.s.

Although neither Sue nor Phillip attended a radiography program, their health care background exposed them to the field they came to love. “It’s been gratifying to see the evolution of the diagnostic and treatment teams to include R.T.s, lab professionals, nurses, pharmacists, physicians — everyone working together to take care of the patient.”

In that same vein, Gage, ASRT and the ASRT Foundation work hand in hand to help R.T.s. “R.T.s are remarkable, and the more support they receive through ASRT and Foundation programs, the more recognition they will receive as professionals,” Sue said. “Phillip felt the same way and that’s why, when he died in December 2014, I decided to make the gift in memory of him.”

Working in the health care field for nearly four decades might have wearied others, but not Sue. She’s looking at many more years in business and hopes that her sons will one day take over the company. One son has a degree in biomedical sciences and the other is a mechanical engineer.

Sue, her family and staff attended the ASRT Museum and Archives grand opening event at the ASRT office. Her husband, company co-founder and best friend Phillip, was among those recognized for their part in supporting the profession and those working in it.