Empowering New Leaders

By Staff
Jun. 16, 2015

The ASRT’s Student Leadership Development Program will have 88 participants at this year's Annual Governance and House of Delegates meeting June 26-28. This is the largest group of emerging leaders since the program was initiated five years ago. The program aims to help these students network with current leaders in the profession and to learn more about the vast opportunities in the radiologic sciences.

Participants will have access to a full schedule of educational sessions covering practice standards, what is happening in the field, ASRT governance functions and how those functions affect the profession. The SLDP was developed to allow current ASRT leaders to impart their knowledge and experience to the next set of leaders. Some of the participants are chosen by the ASRT, while others are selected by their affiliate societies. Many of them are active in their affiliates and interested in becoming leaders in the radiological sciences profession.

These future leaders are obligated to meet several requirements: They must be a member of the ASRT, hold student status at the time of application and obtain their program director’s approval. This process targets the best and brightest in the field who are interested in becoming influencers in the profession.

The ASRT Foundation was thrilled to discover that five of this year’s SLDP participants are scholarship recipients. While the two programs are not related, it’s great to see that ASRT Foundation scholarships are helping to support the future leaders of the profession. The Foundation’s scholarship program would not be able to help support the profession without the help of our generous donors. A full list of the 2015 scholarship recipients is available online. Your donations are making a difference and empowering the future of the profession!