Donors Keep Dream Alive

Emily Knox
Sep. 24, 2015

EmilyKnox_450x450Dear ASRT Foundation Donors,

My name is Emily Knox. I am a senior radiologic technology student at Northern Essex Community College in Lawrence, Massachusetts, and I was one of the Massachusetts Student Leadership Development Program (SLDP) representatives this past year in Albuquerque. The ASRT Foundation awarded me the Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship this year, and I was awarded two scholarships through my school. This scholarship was life changing for me, and I wanted to reach out with a formal thank you to the donors who make these scholarships possible.

I’d first like to explain how much my education means to me. I have a bachelor’s degree in child advocacy from the University of New Hampshire. A few years after graduating, I felt lost and guilty for not finding something to do with the degree, something that I truly enjoyed doing. When I came across the radiation program at my school, it became a pipe dream. Making this dream a reality has changed absolutely everything for me. I love what I’m learning. I’m so excited to make this my career and even more excited to grow within the career. This scholarship is not only influencing my future, but it will allow me to give my three-year-old daughter, Tenley Rose, the future she deserves.

Being a single mother has its difficulties, but I was confident in the plan I had to balance radiology school, work and parenting. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned (life has a funny way of doing that!), and I was drowning with the financial burden of school. This spring, two weeks prior to receiving the Jerman-Cahoon scholarship, I wrote a letter to the two incredible professors/director of my radiology program explaining how my financial situation had unexpectedly grown too much for me, and consequently I would have to leave the program. It was a difficult letter to write given that I do exceptionally well both in school and in the clinical setting, and it was even harder to accept my failure. I couldn’t bring myself to give the letter to my professors. I kept it in my school folder and felt it weighing heavily on my shoulders at the end of every class when I had a chance to talk with them.

I cried tears of joy when I found out I was a recipient of the Jerman-Cahoon scholarship. Some people may not think that $2,500 is much considering the cost of a college education, but this scholarship meant that I could keep learning. It meant I could give my daughter the future I've dreamed of giving her. It meant I could keep doing what I genuinely enjoy. It meant everything to me.

I was even more honored to be a recipient when I attended the Student Leadership Development Program this year. I could see just how important the scholarship was. My mentor could see the enthusiasm and excitement I felt from the conference. It was an overwhelming yet amazing experience and solidified where I want to take my future.

Choosing me for the scholarship means that you and the Foundation saw something in me that was worth believing in. That fills me with such warmth and pride, and I just can’t thank you enough. You have given me the encouragement and inspiration to do great things. And I sincerely hope one day I can give back to this amazing community.

Please feel free to pass this along to everyone who was involved in changing my future!

Emily Knox