Donor Honors ASRT Staff Through Donation

Jul. 30, 2015

Janet McEwenWhen Janet McEwen, director of corporate relations for the ASRT and ASRT Foundation, first came to Albuquerque, she called ASRT “the jewel in the desert” because it represented “an amazing group of men and women working toward a mission that ultimately benefits patient care,” she said. “Our members are committed to their patients, and the ASRT and Foundation staff are equally committed to the members,” she added. “The staff is talented and enthusiastic, and it’s a joy to work here.”

Janet’s journey to Albuquerque and the ASRT office started in Michigan. Her father’s profession as an orthopedic surgeon laid the framework for her desire to support health care initiatives. She earned a bachelor’s degree in interpersonal and public communication from Central Michigan University and a master’s degree in communication studies from the University of North Texas and put both to use in launching an association career at the American College of Emergency Physicians in Dallas, Texas. It was there she first saw the importance of the partnership between association staff and members to advance patient care.

Janet later became certified in association management by the American Society of Association Executives and is actively involved in that association as well as in the New Mexico Society of Association Executives and the Medical Society Fundraising Network.

Finding true love (and her current husband) meant relocating from Dallas to Albuquerque and a new job. “I absolutely wanted my next job to be with a national association that offered the bonus of an affiliated Foundation, much [like] work with ACEP,” Janet said.

After seven years at the ASRT, she remains committed to the ASRT Foundation’s mission.

“I believe in supporting the mission that will help sustain the Foundation in years to come,” Janet said. “My gift to the Foundation is in honor of the ASRT staff members who work every day to support our terrific members. It’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to contribute to the future of the profession.”