Continuing the Tradition

Ruth Hoffman, ASRT Staff Editor
Feb. 26, 2024

The ASRT Foundation held a successful 2023 Annual Drawing. The Foundation sold 2,877 tickets and raised $41,750 for scholarships and grants for students and professionals in medical imaging and radiation therapy. Read on to learn about the first and second prize winners of the 2023 drawing and learn some fun facts about the Annual Drawing throughout the years.

Zhen Song

A Student Helping Students

Zhen Song, a student from Fredericksburg, Virigina, won the grand prize — up to $3,999 in expenses for a five-night vacation — and took her family to California for Christmas. She heard about the annual drawing while attending an affiliate conference in Virginia and entered to support her fellow students. “I love the diverse technologies and many types of equipment we learn in this profession. The ASRT’s resources help students prepare for the certification exam, provide ways to learn other modalities and network with peers,” Zhen said.

Nancy Fagan

Professional Dedication

Nancy Fagan, used the $500 from her second prize winnings to help pay for a beach trip. Nancy has worked in medical imaging for 34 years and been a medical dosimetrist at the same cancer center for 26 years. She’s always striving to learn more and help others do the same. “The Foundation is very supportive of the profession, especially in helping students,” Nancy said. “I entered the drawing, as I have in the past, to contribute to education scholarships for students.”

Annual Drawing Past to Present

  • The Foundation started the Annual Drawing in 2003 and brought in more than $32,000 that first year.
  • The first grand prize was a brand-new Hyundai Santa Fe GLX sport utility vehicle.
  • Over the years, annual drawing participants have won a variety of prizes, such as a Nintendo Wii console, a Bose SoundTouch Portable Wi-Fi music system, an Apple Watch, gift cards to popular stores and more.
  • For the 2023 Annual Drawing, 699 ASRT members purchased tickets.

This year, members can purchase Annual Drawing tickets from Feb. 26-May 31, 2024. The proceeds from the drawing go toward scholarships and grants that support the profession and help students, technologists and therapists achieve their educational and professional goals.

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