A Brand New Learning Experience

Larry Sibley II, R.T.(R)
Jul. 26, 2016

Larry SibleyIn the 30 years I have been in this amazing and interesting profession, I had never been able to attend a conference. Thanks to a generous gift from Siemens Healthineers to the ASRT Foundation, I attended my first conference this past June.

Siemens' gift to the Foundation created the Siemens Education Journey Award that provided grants to three individuals to attend a conference of their choice. I was selected as one of the recipients of this new Foundation opportunity. Since I had never gone to a conference before, I chose to attend one that I knew would be a great learning experience: the ASRT Educational Symposium and Annual Governance and House of Delegates meeting in Las Vegas.

I have always been an information hound and read the ASRT journals cover to cover when I receive them in the mail. However, being able to sit and absorb information directly from the source was a completely different experience. The amount of knowledge I was able to learn from this inspiring group of presenters was more than I could have imagined.

One of my favorite parts of each session was the question-and-answer portion. The questions my colleagues brought up helped me glean so much more from each session. The different viewpoints presented enhanced this great learning opportunity. It was amazing to see how the profession has changed and grown in the past few years.

The other aspect I found to be rewarding was networking with fellow R.T.s and students from across the country. I was able learn about their careers and experiences in the profession, which provided me with an invaluable insight into how things are done in various parts of the United States. It was interesting to be with so many new people who have the same passion I do for the radiologic sciences.

I can’t thank the Foundation and Siemens enough for creating this opportunity. Without their support, I never would have been able to attend a conference and learn so much from others in the profession. You have empowered me to help others grow and move forward in their careers by sharing my knowledge and experience in a new way.

I want to thank everyone who donates to the Foundation for changing lives like mine. Your generosity helps give R.T.s and students the tools necessary to not only advance their careers, but also to advance our professional community. This opportunity has given me a new appreciation for the importance of supporting our profession.

I hope you will continue your support of the ASRT Foundation to make opportunities available for your fellow R.T.s. Your gift can make a world of difference.