Notes of Thank You from Scholarship Recipients

May. 9, 2015

My story truly begins in July 2009. I had put my children, then five and nine, down to sleep on hospital cots in a domestic violence homeless shelter. I went to the ladies shower room, knelt down, sobbed and prayed. Alone in this stall, my tears flowed. I asked out loud, ‘What now?’ The water was off, but a large drop of water fell on my head. I felt, as I looked up at the shower head, another large drop fall on my forehead. I laughed. My tears stopped. I stood up and made the decision right there to never stop believing that success is achievable.

Thank you for recognizing that, sometimes, humility is difficult. You must understand what struggle is in order to be so generous. You must have gone through adversity to be so compassionate. You must have been hungry in order to nourish. Thank you for embracing your struggle and passing on the blessings you’ve received in order for me to continue your legacy.

Michele Petrucelli of Bloomfield, New Jersey, 2014 recipient of the Jerman-Cahoon Student Scholarship. Michele is earning an associate's degree in the radiologic sciences at Essex County College.

When I was deciding what career choice I wanted to pursue, I was into computers and technology. I then started to remember my journey with my tumor. I started to do research on medical imaging. Then — ah-ha! — radiology is the career I need to be in. It is mixed with technology and computers, and I have been a patient before. I thought it is my time to be on the other side of the medical field.

Directly after graduation, I plan to work on a plan to achieve a master’s degree. I would like to be able to spread the knowledge that I learn to others in my profession. I am truly blessed and I appreciate this award. I can’t express how much this makes me feel. You have really brought tears to my eyes. It is great to be able to have a financial burden lifted. Being able to continue school is a wonderful feeling. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to reach new beginnings.

Bradley Cornish of Perris, California, 2014 recipient of the Parsons Degree Achievement Scholarship. Bradley is a radiologic technologist at Diagnostic Laboratories and Radiology and is earning his bachelor's degree at Adventist University.

This is an excerpt from the 2014 ASRT Foundation Annual Report. View more recipient stories in the full report.