I Still Can't Believe I Won!

Elizabeth English, R.T.(R)
Apr. 22, 2015

To this day I still can’t believe I was the grand prize winner of the 2011 ASRT Foundation Annual Drawing. My husband, Robert, and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary in the Cayman Islands. Unbelievable!

I had a few questions about ASRT membership before I joined my professional association, so I called the ASRT office. An ASRT Member Services representative not only answered all of my questions, he also took care of my membership over the telephone. Then he told me about the ASRT Foundation, its Annual Drawing and the prizes I could win. I purchased five tickets, and voilà!

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would win the grand prize, let alone any of the other wonderful prizes. The trip was an unforgettable experience. However, it’s important for me to tell you that even though I was looking forward to enjoying this new experience, it was not my sole reason for purchasing the tickets. Instead, supporting the Foundation was foremost in my mind, especially considering what the Foundation does: bestow awards, grants and scholarships to deserving applicants. I wanted to help others because of how I had been helped as a radiologic science student.

I cannot emphasize enough how great it feels to have helped support my profession. And although I accepted the grand prize award with pride, I would not have regretted participating if I hadn’t received it. I was doing my part. In the long run, isn’t that what really matters?

If I could share one piece of advice with other R.T.s out there, it would be this: The next time you hear anything about helping your organization, take it from me and just go ahead. Give back the best way you can! Who knows, you may have some fun along the way, too. Look what happened to me! You might be the next grand prize winner. More importantly, you know it serves a great cause.

I wish all of you who participate in this year’s ASRT Foundation Annual Drawing the best of luck.

This article was originally published in the 2011 ASRT Scanner, Vol. 43, No. 6, Page 22.