I Never Imagined I'd Win!

William C. Haley III, A.A.S., R.T.(R)(CT)
Apr. 22, 2016
The Haley family

About this time each year, I receive an email from the ASRT Foundation asking if I’d like to buy a ticket for its Annual Drawing. In 2012, I decided to buy three. I only buy raffle tickets for causes I think are important. I usually think of entering as a donation rather than a possibility of winning something. With the annual drawing, I know the money goes directly to help R.T.s. and our profession. Revenue from ticket purchases supports the scholarship and grant programs that help professionals and students, specifically those in need, achieve their educational and professional goals.

When I purchased the tickets for the Foundation’s fundraiser, I never imagined I’d win — especially not in the first year I participated. When I received the call from ASRT notifying me I’d won the grand prize — a five-night dream vacation for two — I thought it was a joke. The prize included lodging, round-trip airfare, taxes and round-trip airport and hotel transportation. I couldn’t believe it. I never win anything!

After pondering the three vacation choices, I chose “the Big Island,” Hawaii. My wife, two young daughters and I stayed on the Kona Coast in a lovely condo. Hawaii is a beautiful island with a laid-back atmosphere. It was a wonderful, relaxing retreat and all-around great place to stay. My family had an amazing time — a true resort vacation experience. Although the Kona has a rockier coastline than other Hawaiian coasts, we enjoyed swimming each day, took walks along the beach and even built a few sandcastles.

Since winning the trip to Hawaii, I’ve talked to my co-workers about supporting the Foundation, and many have participated in the annual drawing as a result. I wish more members would support the great work the Foundation is doing, and I hope other ASRT members will see this article and decide to purchase tickets as I did. I encourage all ASRT members to support the cause!

Winning the annual drawing gave me an unbelievable opportunity to spend time with my family in a place we might not have visited otherwise. I’m thankful to have had the opportunity to take my family on a fabulous Hawaiian vacation, but for me, it was never about the prize. The funds produced from tickets purchased in the annual drawing make it possible for the Foundation to continue providing needed assistance to ASRT members. It’s a win-win all around!

This article was originally published in ASRT Scanner, Vol. 46, No. 3, Page 20.