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  • Remo George

    Advancing Patient Care Through Research

    Research is the stepping stone to advancing the profession – and ultimately advancing patient care. Nuclear medicine technologist Remo George is just one example of a researcher who found the answer to his questions and shared them with others.
  • Making a Difference

    Making a Difference in Patients' Lives

    Scholarship recipient Rachael Tubbs knew she wanted to become a radiation therapist so she could provide compassionate care to patients during a difficult time in their lives.
  • Celebration Campaign

    Celebration Campaign Kicks Off

    Celebrating 30 years of providing opportunities for members, the ASRT Foundation launched the Positioning for a Brighter Tomorrow campaign.

    Behind the Scenes at RAD-AID

    The World Health Organization reports that 4 billion people have little to no access to life-saving radiology services. RAD-AID International seeks to provide global radiology outreach. Learn how it reaches these global communities.
  • Phil Ballinger

    Making Education a Priority

    Radiologic technologist Phil Ballinger is the first individual to have a room named after him in the ASRT headquarters.