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  • Mammography in India

    Déjà Vu in India

    Linda Robertson-Hull recalls how volunteering in India was like stepping back in time.
  • Am I Brave Enough?

    Dr. Rebecca Ludwig was one of the first ASRT members to receive a research grant from the ASRT Foundation. She shares what inspires her to research and how she overcame her fears to make a meaningful contribution to the radiologic sciences.
  • My Ticket to a Dream Vacation

    Paul Trautman remembers getting the phone call telling him he won the Annual Drawing grand prize!
  • Journey of Two Hearts

    A Journey of Two Hearts

    Two members share the passion behind their journey to create a scholarship for struggling R.T.s.
  • A Fresh Start to a New Year

    Thank you to all of the individuals who made a donation to the ASRT Foundation during the month of January.